Stubaby has changed

After several years in hiatus, Stubaby Co. has decided to come back into the limelight that is the internet. Since the early days back in 2007, when I started Stubaby in my college dorm room at Wesleyan University, several things have changed:

  1. I have accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. That’s right! Although I grew up in a Jewish household, I have come to the realization that the New Testament of the Bible explains a lot of the Old Testament writings. It also foretells of the return of the Messiah, who will bring about a new age, and that many of the problems that you may see around you in the world are, in fact, the “birth pangs” that come before the return of the king, Jesus Christ.
  2. I am married with a family of 4, and soon to be 5. That’s right! Stubaby has now become Studaddy. I got married to my beautiful wife Bethany in 2015, when we eloped to Las Vegas, NV. We had our daughter Daphne that same year, followed by son Slade in 2019. We are now expecting a new addition to the family due early next year. Being a Dad has truly been a blessing, and I relish every minute of it!
  3. I joined the Army. You may have remembered me working in the Real Estate industry for some time, but it wasn’t working out too well financially for me, so I decided to join the military. Going through boot camp was a tough experience, but a rewarding one nevertheless. In January of this year, I got stationed at Fort Hood, TX, otherwise known as “The Great Place.” After working for 4 months as a Petroleum Supply Specialist, an incident happened at work that put me in the hospital for 8 days. The doctors diagnosed me as BiPolar, so now I am in the process of being medically retired from the Army.

Overall, I’m excited to enter this new chapter in my life and am stoked to have you with me, as part of Stubaby Co. Any thoughts, suggestions, and comments are always welcome!


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