How to create an Online Business Empire

With so many cyber tools at your fingertips, such as website creators, photo and video software, and even Artificial Intelligence, you may seem daunted as to where to start in order to create an online business empire. While you may think that you need to start trawling youtube, and listening to all the influencers out there, I suggest you start with a much more low-tech approach. Your number one priority to start an online empire is to leverage the very thing that we still have in this world: our relationships with people.

Here are the basic 5 steps to creating an online business empire:

  • The first step is to create a following. Rather than be consumed with how many “followers” you may have on social media websites, such as instagram, pinterest, tiktok, and others, really think about what a following means. A following means that people like what you do, and are inspired to create something in their own lives. Even if you do not have a single online profile, you already have a following. Your following is your friends and family. People who cheer for you and want you to succeed. Instead of being consumed with creating another avatar, in order to amass an artificial queue of followers for said avatar, start by leverage the relationships that you already have.
  • The most difficult part of starting an online business is telling people that you have an online business. When I started Stubaby in 2007, it took me a while to come up with a sales pitch that stuck. You know, something that you could yell to someone in a noisy bar and they would know what you are talking about. The first step is to start an online presence. Don’t be consumed with starting a website until you have a facebook profile first.
  • You should know ahead of time that your friends and family might not be supportive. When I told my wife that I wrote a blog entitled “How to build an online business empire,” she laughed. “You haven’t built an online business empire,” she quipped. While this may be true as of the writing of this post, the ideas you put into place today can become realities tomorrow. With the right mindset, you can accomplish anything. And part of your mindset has got to be seeing things before they are really here.
  • Many people say that in order to start a blog, you need a niche. While this may sound nice, what you need more than anything is content. And chances are are, you don’t have any content. So where do you start? The first thing you should do is to start uploading videos to facebook and youtube. To get your feet wet, simply start filming yourself talking about something. Examples can be your business, what you did that day, or simply what you think about a certain topic. Upload your video to Facebook has a function called reels that enables you to upload videos. You also need to develop a youtube channel. My daughter really enjoys creating and uploading videos to our channel. You can check it out here. Youtube is instrumental to creating a following of people. The best way to start out is to create a youtube video, and then text the link to your family and friends. That’s right! It’s that easy. You can also copy and paste the link to your video to Facebook, in order for even more people to see it. This technique allowed me to get 358 views on a video I created in early 2023.
It’s important to be yourself as you start your journey of creating an online business empire

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